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Donkeys & Dexters SOLD 2021

TanguarayY 07
Calamity Jane 2019

Cyder’s Tanguararay (Top) and Cyder’s Calamity Jane

Congratulations ~ Hainz Family Wisconsin Rapids WI

Peace 2013

Heiken’s Ark Peace M

Congratulations ~ Marshfield, WI

Dex Molly 2012Dex Mandy 2021

Cyder Bay Molly & Cyder Bay Mandy

Congratulations ~ Steven & Jenifer Gilman

Black Magic

 Legendary’s Black Magic

Congratulations ~ Shady lane Farm, IN

Blackberry 3 years

Cyder’s Black Berry

Congratulations ~ La Donna Mangile


Cyder’s TT Kitty

Congratulations ~ Travis

2021 Roanie foal 32021 Kitty foal

Cyder’s Tiny Tim (Roanie) and Cyder’s (TT Kitty)

Congratulations ~

Bonney 2014

MGF Venus Anne Bonnie

Congratulations ~

2021 Bonnie Baby12020 Betty Jennet foal 2

Cyder’s Steel Magnolia (Bonnie)x 2019 Brandy wine (Betty)

Congratulations ~

2021 Glory foal

Cyder’s (Glory jennet foal 2019)

Congratulations ~

2021 Frenchie foal2021 Victoria foal

(frenchie) 2021 foal x Victoria 2021 foal gelding pair

Congratulations ~

Roanie yearling
adms Peached L

Cyder’s Black Roanie & Cyder’s QMTT Georgia Peach

Congratulations ~



Congratulations ~



Congratulations ~

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