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Cyder’s TT Blaze

Blaze 2010

 Date of Birth: 08-25-2004
 Color:  Brown *MSF 

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  34”

Another direct Tiny Tim daughter, a hidden treasure.
Tiny Tim lines have been a great asset to the miniature donkey gene pool and we hope to carry on that tradition.
Blaze is a valued asset to our breeding program and the miniature donkey gene pool.

Blaze Progeny

2010 Cyder’s Flash Drive- Lt Brown *MSF jack - sire Jimmy Brown: Sold gelding
2011 Cyder’s White Face- Lt brown *MSF jack - sire Charming Fox: Sold gelding
2012 Open
2013 Cyder’s Sarasparilla - Brown MSK* jennet - sired by Black Hawk
2014 Open
2015 Cyder’s Candy Man ~ Tri-spot jack (gelding) sired by Black Hawk ~ Now Show Champion!
2016 Open
2017 Foal Due by MGF Nitro

 Fisher’s Tiny Tim (1983)
 30” Brown

 Teddy’s Treasure Harriet 33”   Dark gray-dun (1988)

 Man-O-War of M&M (1976)
 32” Gray-dun

 Connie of M&M  (1971)
 31” Gray-dun  Danby Farm

 Harris Herd Dr, Dandylion
 33” Dark Gray-dun

 Harris Herd Tarbaby
 34” Gray-dun

 Kevin, Crosses  gray-dun

 Fischers Julieanna, gray-dun

 Patrick, P  gray-dun

 Julia, J     gray-dun

 Harris Herd Bozo the Magnificent, 33”

 Harris Herd Lollipop, 33” gray *nlp

 Harris Herd Fino,  gray-dun

 Harris Herd Sweet Betsy, gray-dun

MGF Venus Candy

Candy Kess 2012Candy Kess Fall08

 Date of Birth: 05-06-2000
 Color:  Brown/gray spotted 

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  31.5”

A direct daughter of DM Primo, Candy is one of the spotted lines we sought out and we are very eager to see how Candy will cross with our jacks, we think it will be a great outcome. 
Candy a MGF girl and owned for years by Sunset Acres, NE, she has produced some very nice foals and we can see she is showing a consistency of quality in the offspring she is producing. 

Candy Tess Progeny

2009 Purchased
2010 Cyder’s Perigee Moon - Spotted jennet - sire:MGF Prime Time - SOLD/Legendary Farm
2011 Open
2012 Cyder’s Candy Apple - spotted jennet - sire: Cyder’s Mackintosh - SOLD/Hawkwinds Farm
2013 Open
2014 Cyder’s Marshmallow Fluff - Gray spotted jennet - Sired by Black Hawk
2015 Open
2016 Cyder’s Candy Dots ~ Dk Brown Spotted jennet Foal~ Sired by Black hawk
2017 Open
2018 Bred to Black Hawk

 Dewey Meadows Primo (1995)
 Dk Brown spotted 32”

 MGF Venus Kess 15 (1990)
 32” Gray-dun

 Dewey Meadows Valentino 1990
 Dk Brown spotted 32.75”

 Dewey Meadows Victoria (1986)
 Very Dk brown 33”

 Rosebud (1985)
 32” Red


 DM Guido   33” Black *nlp

 DM Calico   33” Brown/gray spotted

 CF Charley My Boy 32” Brown

 DM Angie 34.75” Gray-dun





Cyder’s Mary Rose


 Date of Birth: 06-11-2000
 Color: Rose Gray-dun  

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  34.25”

One of our Sunset daughters, and my daughters show jennet (now show retired).
Mary is a real gem, with a showy look, great hip, and top line; now producing quality foals of her own! She has her own special personality as well!!!

Mary Rose Progeny

2005 Cyder’s Cicero - Lt Red gelding - sire: Napoleon - Sold
2006 Cyder’s Jackson - Dark Red jack - sire: Foxworthy - owner Jeff & Cheryl Kitchen, IN
2007 Open
2008 Open
2009 Open
2010 Cyder’s Rose Marie- Lt red/star jennet - Sire Charming Fox: Sold WI
2011 Open
2012 Open
2013 Foal aborted due to Hay toxicity- Feb 20
2014 Cyder’s Rosie Maria - Gray jennet - Sired by Black hawk
2015 Open
2016 Cyder’s ? - Gray jack - sired by Black hawk
2017 Retired


Show Record


Wisconsin Donkey & Mule Society (WDMS) State Show
2001 1&2 year old Donkey Halter (49” & under) ~ 4th Place
2001 Ear of the Year (mini donkeys) ~ 4th place
2001 Musical Plates (mini class) ~ 4th place
I must say Hannah & Mary are very consistent!:)

Wisconsin Donkey & Mule Society (WDMS) State Show
2002 1&2 year Donkey Halter (49” & under) ~5th Place
2002 Leading Trail Class (Open to all sizes) ~ 5th Place “Great job Hannah!” 
2002 Milk Jug Race (mini”s only) ~ 3rd Place
2002 Musical Plates (mini’s only) ~ 3rd Place
2002 Plug Race (mini”s Only) ~ 1st Place
Another great year for Hannah & Mary!

Wisconsin Donkey & Mule Society (WDMS) State Show
2003 Mini Jennets 3 year & up ~ 1st Place
2003 Grand Champion Halter Miniature Donkey
2003 Musical Plates (mini’s only) ~ 2nd Place
2003 Bloomer Race (mini”s only) ~ 4th Place
2003 Half Ass Flag Race ~ 2nd Place

Great Mule Celebration ~ ADMS National Show ~ Tennessee
2003 NMDA Jennets to Halter, 3yrs & over ~ 3rd Place

Great Mule Celebration ~ ADMS National Show ~ Tennessee
2004 NMDA Jennets to Halter, 3yrs & over ~ 2nd Place

WDMS ~ WI State Show
2007 Mini Jennets 3 year & up ~ 3rd Place

2007 Novice Leading Trail Class (Open all sizes) ~ 5nd Place

 Sunset Acres Red Sunset
 32.5” Dark Red  (1996)

 Pygmy Acres R-Dominica
 32” Gray-dun (1988)

 LCR Valintino 50 (1982)
 32” Dark Red

 Bell E Acres Little Red Julie
 31.75” Red (1992)

 Pygmy Acres Sparky (1981)
 33” Gray-dun

 Pygmy Acres Nina (1980)
 32” Gray-dun

 LCR Diamond, gray-dun

 LCR Philamena, 31  gray-dun

 LCR Nehemiah, 32 Brown

 Bell E Acres Jennie Sam, 32.5” Red





KC Cinder Smoke

CinderCinder Feb2013

 Date of Birth: 04-16-02
 Color:  Black w/cross 

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  35.25”

Cinder is one we added for black lines, due to her super conformation.
Cinder has allot of qualities that puts her well above your average black jennet. Her foals are stout and square with full hind quarters...everything we like to see!


Cinder Progeny

2006 Cyder’s Black Bart - Dk brown/bl *nlp jack - sire: Foxworthy - sold gelding
2007 Open
2008 Cyder’s Z Donk Maddy - Silver gray/extensive guarders - sire: Mr. Madison -sold gelding
2009 Cyder’s Jinder Smoke - Dk Brown *nlp jennet- sire: Jimmy Brown - SOLD - OHIO
2010 Cyder’s Lola - True Black *nlp jennet - Sire Jimmy Brown: Sold WI
2011 Open
2012 Cyder’s Tuffy - brown jack (nice) - sired by Charming Fox - SOLD MN
2013 Open
2014 Open
2015 Cyder’s Gracie Gray ~ Gray jennet ~ sired by Palomino Star
2016 Open
2017 Open

 Sunset Acres Tuffy (1993)
 33.25” Brown

 KC’s Black Smokie
 35” Brown

 LCR Valintino 50 (1982)
 32” Dk Red

 Sunset Acres Sadie (1990)

 NLC Carlos (1986)
 32” gray-dun

 NLC Black Diamond (1979)
 32.5” Black

 LCR Diamond Gray-dun

 LCR Philamena 31 Gray-dun

 LCR Valintino 50 32” Dk Red

 MGF’s Unnamed jennet- Brown





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