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Cyder’s TT Kitty


 Date of Birth: 09-24-2005
 Color: Black w/cross    

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  33”

One of the very few direct Tiny Tim daughters, and we found a jewel.
Tiny Tim lines have been a great asset to the miniature donkey gene pool and we hope to carry on that tradition.
A valued asset to our breeding program.

Kitty Progeny

 2010 Cyder’s Miss Fancy - Red jennet - Sired by Jimmy Brown : owned by Legendary Farm TN
 2011 Cyder’s Dolly Madison - Black/w cross? jennet - Sired by Mr Madison: Sold WI
 2012 Open
 2013 Cyder’s Jack Foal - Black/very dark Jack - sired by Black Hawk - SOLD gelding GA (NICE)
 2014 Open
 2015 Cyder’s Black Beauty ~ Smoke Black NLP* ~ Jennet ~ sired by Black Hawk - CBF
 2016 Open
 2017 Open
 2018 Cyder’s Kitty Hawk - Dk Brown Jennet -Sired by Black Hawk -
 2019 Open
 2020 Open

 Fisher’s Tiny Tim (1983)
 30” Brown

 Teddy’s Treasure Kitty
 32.5” Gray-dun (1991)

 Man-O-War of M&M (1976)
 32” Gray-dun

 Connie of M&M  (1971)
 31” Gray-dun  Danby Farm

 New South Swales’ Cato (1987)
 31.5” Dk Gray-dun

 Harris Herd Lollipop (1978)
 33” Gray-dun *nlp

 Kevin, Crosses  gray-dun

 Fischers Julieanna, gray-dun

 Patrick, P  gray-dun

 Julia, J     gray-dun

 Harris Herd Dr. Dandylion, 33” Gray

 Harris Herd Lollipop, 33” gray *nlp

 Mr. Benjamin, M 34.5” Brown

 Rosie’s Girl, R   gray-dun

Heiken’s Ark Peace M


 Date of Birth: 07-09-2006
 Color:  Dark Brown 

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  32”

One fine daughter of McLendon’s 45 Magnum, and a granddaughter of the infamous Philamena 84 we expect to see some super foals in the future. 
PC is a nicely balanced smaller jennet with just the right refinement and she has a sweet personality.


Peace Progeny

 2009 Cyder’s Mackintosh - DK Brown jack - sired by HA Hercules P. -SOLD/Jack
 2010 Cyder’s ? -dark brown jack - sired by Jimmy Brown - Sold gelding
 2011 Open
 2012 Open
 2013 Cyder’s Mini Mac - red jack foal - sired by Black Hawk - Sold gelding
 2014 Open
 2015 Cyder’s Ginger - Red jennet - Sired by Red Sunset - Retained CBF
 2016 Open
 2017 Cyder’s Red Boy -Red jack -Sired by Red Sunset -Gelding
 2018 Cyder’s Brown jennet - accidentally tragically lost -Sired by Checkers
 2019 Open
 2020 Breeding in Spring

 McLendon’s 45 Magnum
 28.75” Dark Brown (1989)

 Heiken’s Ark Patience (2002)
 33.74” Dark Red

 McLendond’s Rad Reniker
 33” Gray-dun (1984)

 McLendon’s Shining White Pearl
 29.5” Gray-dun (1984)

 Mission Montana Red Hot Ass
 33” Red (1989)

 LCR Philamena 84   (1988)
 31” Brown





 LCR Valintino 50, 32” Dk Red

 Boone’s Little Rose Marie, 32’ Lt Red

 LCR Valintino 49, 34” Dark Red

 LCR Philamena 34, 35” Black w/cross

Cyder’s Tanguaray

TanguarayY 07

 Date of Birth: 06-07-2006
 Color: Dark Red 

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  33.75”

Tanga is one of our Brandy daughters with old foundational bloodlines.
Nice balance with a showy stance we know that she will be a great producer and look forward to her foals. Nice old pedigree tracing back to the imports with in her pedigree.

Tanguaray Progeny

 2010 Cyder’s Tanga Too - Dk Red jennet - sired by Jimmy Brown-SOLD
 2011 Open
 2012 Cyder’s Charmer -Dk Red jack - sired by Charming Fox-SOLD
 2013 Open
 2014 Open
 2015 Cyder’s Peachy Keen - Light red jennet -Sired by Palomino - Retained CBF
 2016 Open
 2017 Cyder’s Martin - Gelding - Sired by Swagger - Sold
 2018 Open
 2019 Open
 2020 Open

 Sunset Acres Red Sunset
 32.5” Dark Red (1996)

 LN Brandy (1994)
 34 7/8” Red *roan

 LCR Valintino 50  (1982)
 32” Dark red

 Bell E Acres Little Red Julie
 31.75” Red

 Milton of M&M (1980)
 34” gray-dun   Danby farm

 Strawberry Shortcake (1982)
 35.75” Red *roan

 LCR Diamond, gray-dun

 LCR Philamena 31, gray-dun

 Lazy N Nehemiah, 32” Brown

 Bell E Acres Jennie Sam, 32.5” Red

 John Boy, gray-dun    By Luigi 95

 Zeta, Brown         By Theseus

 Luigino, gray-dun     By Luigi 95

 Carola of M&M, gray-dun

MGF Anne Bonney 541

Bonney 2014

 Date of Birth: 07-04-2005
 Color: Gray & white spot 

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  32”

Bonnie was another jennet purchase from the MGF dispersal sale.
Bonnie had caught our eye and being the only Primo bred girl in the sale not having Prime Time in her line was what we were looking for.

The bonus is Bonnie is also a RJ daughter.
We hope to produce some interesting foals from Bonnie.

                           Anne Bonnie Progeny
 2012 Cyder’s Noel -Dark Brown woolly jennet - Sire (unKnown MGF Sire)-SOLD
 2013 Open
 2014 Cyder’s Lambert - Spot “white” jack - Sired by Palomino Star~ SOLD
 2015 Open
 2016 Cyder’s Sophie - BL/Brown jennet - Sired by Black Hawk ~SOLD
 2017 Open
 2018 Cyder’s ? - Red jack - Sired by Sunset - Gelding ~ SOLD
 2019 Cyder’s ? - Lt red Jack - Sired by Sunset - Gelding ~ CBF
 2020 Open

 32” Red (2000)

 MGF Venus Love in Bloom
 32” Brown Spotted  (2001)

 Windcrest Cherries Jubilee
 32” Red   (1996)

 MGF Venus of Naxos
 32” Brown   (1992)

 Dewey Meadows Primo
 32” Brown Spotted (1995)

 MGF Venus Nashturium
 33” Brown/gray spot (1993)

 Springlake Razmataz 30.5” Lt Red

 Windcrest Miss Scarlet 31” Dk Red

 LCR Valintino 50, 32” Red

 LCR Philamena 70,32” Brown

 Dewey Meadows Valentino 32.75”sp

 Dewey Meadows Victoria 33” Dk Br

GP Peanut, 32.5” Brown Spot

MGF Venus of Naxos, 32” Brown

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