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At our farm color & size are always secondary to conformation, temperament and genetic qualities. We do manage to maintain a great selection of quality stock in all colors and ranging in sizes from 30”-35”!

We invite you to view our CBF young stock below, for more pictures and information on our young jennets or to purchase... Please contact us about a particular donkey or see our For sale page.

Cyder’ s Black Beauty

Black Beauty 2018

 Date of Birth: May 17, 2015
 Color:  Very Dark Brown w/cross  nlp*  

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  33” 

                             Beauty’s Progeny
2019 Cyder’s - Dk Red jack - sired by Red Sunset
 2020 Bredding in Spring

 SIRE Cyder’s Black Hawk
      Black 31.75”

 DAM: Cyder’s TT Kitty
     DK Brown/BL. 33”

 Cyder’s Jimmy Brown
 DK Red 30.75”

 Cyder’s Little Blackie
 Black, 33.75”

 Fisher’s Tiny Tim
 Brown, 30”

 Teddy’s Treasure Kitty
 Gray-dun 32.5”

 LN Foxworthy, DK Red 31.25”

 Northern Oasis Alexis, DK-NLP

 KDL Black Hawk, Black 32”

 KDL Wheezy, Dk Brown 34.5”

 Man-O-War of M&M, Gray-dun 32”

 Connie of M&M, Gray-dun 31.5”

 New South Swales Cato, 31.5”

 Harris herd Lollipop, Gray-NLP 33”

Cyder’ s Ginger

Ginger 3yr 2018

 Date of Birth: May 20, 2015
 Color:  DK Red  

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  33”

                            Ginger’s Progeny
 2019 Cyder’s Check Mate - Black jack - sired by SA Checker Me Out
 2020 Breeding back in Spring

 Sunset Acres Red Sunset
 32.5” Dark red (1996)

 DAM: Heiken’s Ark Peace M
     DK Brown 32”

 LCR Valintino 50 (1982)
 32” Dark red

 Bell E Acres Little Red Julie
 31.75” Red

 McLendon”s Magnum
 Br/BL 28.75”

 Heiken’s Ark Patience
 Dk Red 33.75”

 LCR Diamond, gray-dun

 LCR Philamena 31, gray-dun

 Lazy N Nehemiah, 32” Brown

 Bell E Acres Jennie Sam, 32.5” Red

 McLendon’s Rad Reniker, Gray 33”

 Mclendon’s Shining White Pearl, 29.5”

 MM Red Hot Ass, Red 33”

 LCR Philamina, Brown 31”

Cyder’ s Gracie Gray

Gracie gray 3yr

 Date of Birth: July 15, 2015
 Color:   DK Gray dun  

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  34.5”

                             Gracie’s Progeny
2019 Cyder’s Grayson - Gray jack - Sired by SA Checker Me Out - Sold gelding
 2020 Breeding back in Spring

 SIRE: Cyder’s Palomino Star
 LT Red /star 33”

 DAM: KC Cinder Smoke
      Black, 35.25”

 Hedrick’s JJ
 Lt Red 32”

 MGF Venus Bellana 49
 Red 34”

 Sunset Acres Tuffy
 Brown 33.25”

 KC’s Black Smokie
 Black w/cross 35”

 Hedrick’s Dapper #2,  Lt Red  30”

 Hedrick’s Jennet.  Brown  32”

 The Fireman, Red 32.5”

 Boon’s Little Rose Mariem Red* 32”

 LCR Valintino 50th, Red 32”

 Sunset Acres Sadie, Brown 32”

 NCL Carlos, Gray-dun 32”

 NCL Black Diamond, Black 32.5”

Cyder’ s Peachy Keen

2019 Peachy Keen

 Date of Birth: August 2, 2015
 Color:  Light Red  

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  32.5” (2018)

                             Peachy Progeny
2019 Cyder’s - dark brown jennet - sired by Black Hawk
 2020 Breeding back in Spring

 Cyder’s Palomino Star
 Lt Red/ star 33”

 DAM: Cyder’s Tanguary
     Dk Red 33.75”

 Hedrick’s JJ
 Lt Red 32”

 MGF Venus Bellana 49
 Red 34”

 Sunset Acres Red Sunset
 DK Red 32.5”

 LN Brandy
 Red *Roan

 Hedrick’s Dapper, Lt Red 32”

 Hedrick’s Jennet, Brown 32”

 The Fireman, Red 32.5”

 Boone’s Little Rose Marie, Red 32”

 LCR Valintino 50th, Red 32”

 BEA Little Red Julie, Red 31.75”

 Milton of M&M, Gray-dun 34”

 Strawberry Shortcake, Red * 35.75”

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