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Cyder’s ?

2016 Regina x Sunset 2

2016 Regina x Sunset

 Gender: Jack    Date of Birth: 06-22-2016

   Height: 2x    Color: Red  

Future herd sire.
He is still young and growing.
We will be posting updates.

 SIRE: Sunset Acres Red       Sunset
  32.5” Red

 DAM: MGF Venus Regina
     Red 34”

 LCR Valintino 50th
 32” Red

 BEA Little Red Julie

 Windcrest Cherries Jubilee
 31” Re

 MGF Venus Bellana 49
 Red 34”

 LCR Diamond   Gray-dun

 LCR Philamena  Gray-dun

 LN Nehemiah

 Jennie Sam of BEA

 Springlake Razmataz

 Windcrest Miss Scarlet

 The Fireman

 Boone’s Little Rose Marie

Cyder’s Archie O

Archie OYearling 2

 Date of Birth: 05-16-2015    Gender: Jack

Height: 30” (7/14/16)   Color: Red/Black Roan  


 Cyder’s Jimmy Brown
 31.25” Dark Red(russet)

 Arcadian Michaela
 33” Black frosted roan/spot


 LN Foxworthy
31.25” Dk Red (russet)

 Northern Oasis Alexis
 34.5” Bl/DK Brown NLP*

 Dewey Meadows Valentino
 32.75” Dk Brown spot

 Arcadian Molly
 32.25” Gray

 LN Nicolodeon 32” Brown

 Lazy Foxy Nicolina 32” Dk Red

 S.S. Red Lightening 32” Red

 Miss Melissa of Circle C 31.25” Brown

 Dewey Meadows Guido 33” Black NLP

 Dewey Meadow Calico

 Circle C Little Motown 35 1/8” Black

 Circle C Melissa 32.25” Brown

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