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Our breeding program has contributed to breeding farms across the USA and in many other countries as well. We are proud of our donkeys and their new owners who have earned national honors, Best of breed, Best of Show, Grand Champion, and many other titles at shows here in the USA and around the world, Congratulations to all of you!
We pride ourselves on producing top quality donkeys for show, breeding, and even your own back yard. Raising quality healthy donkeys is always our first priority.

Due to increasing vet costs an additional charge of $75-$120(EIA & Health papers) per animal needed for out of state travel will be added to any donkey priced under $2000 unless prearranged in the purchase price or package price. 

Down payment of (25%) to hold any animals and vet costs are nonrefundable. 25% down payment and estimated vet cost is required “before” the vet is scheduled to do traveling papers.

Allow 2-3 weeks or more in advance of shipping date...rush papers will cost an additional $50 or more and will take minimum of one week from vet scheduling.

See our  2019 FOALS ~ For Sale ~ Coming Soon!

Cyder’ s Brownie

Miss brownie yr

 Date of Birth: May 2, 2017
 Color:  Dark brown NLP

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  BH 30.50” yearling

 Sire: Cyder’s Black Hawk
 Grandsire: Cyder’s Jimmy Brown
 Granddam: Cyder’s Little Blackie

 Dam: Cyder’s Brown Betty
 GrandSire: MGF Doctor Shivago
 Granddam: MGF Whispering Rose

Breeding stock. Current Photo (Dec).
Brownie is a very dark chocolate brown color NLP* jennet. She will mature as a stocky girl with plenty of width.
She has a good personality and will be a great addition to someone’s breeding farm.
Brownie’s dam is our Betty who is a wooly, so it is possible for Brownie to produce that extra hair on her babies as well. Brownie’s sire is our great producer Black Hawk.
Contact us for more information.

Price $1800.00

Cyder’s French Silk MGF871

Frenchie 2014

 Date of Birth: 08-09-2008
 Color: Dark Brown & White Spot

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  34.5” on 8-05-2010

Frenchie was purchased from MGF as a yearling, she is a beautiful dark spotted wooly girl.
She does shed out her hair; but she will grow a long mane and nice tail.
We have decided that we should offer a few jennets to thin down our jennet group and Frenchie is a super sweet girl, easy to manage and work with, and she has always been an easy foaling and breeder.
 Price: $2200 ~ Bred for 2020

                          French Silk Progeny
 2012 Cyder’s Parlay - Spotted jack Foal - Sired by Mackintosh - SOLD MI/gelding
 2013 Open
 2014 Cyder’s Calico Jack - tri-color spotted jack - Sired by Palomino - SOLD - WI/gelding
 2015 Open
 2016 Cyder’s Rue - DK Brown jack - Sired by Red Sunset -Gelding Sold/WI
 2017 Open
 2018 Cyder’s Spotted Boy - Dk spotted jack - Sired By Black Hawk - Gelding/Sold WI
 2019 Open
 2020 Bred to

 MGF Doctor Shivago 500
 32.5” Dk Brown spot

 MGF Venus Petit Mena 728
 32” Brown     (1997)

 Arrow Creek Harry Houdini
 34” Black

 MGF Venus la Rimsky-Korsakov
 33” Brown & white spot

 MGF Peabody (1994)
 33” Gray & white Spot

 LCR Philamena 69 (1983)
 32” Lt Gray-dun

 Arrow Creek Hudini 30” Bl/Br

 L&G Farm Miss Corinda 34” Br/gr

 Circle C Black Russian 31” Black*nlp

 MGF Venus La Syphide 28

 GP Peanut 32.5” Brown spot

 Boone’s Little patches 35” Black spot

 LCR Valintino 14   29” Brown

 LCR Philamena 36  34.5” Gray

Cyder’s TT Kitty


 Date of Birth: 09-24-2005
 Color: Black w/cross    

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  33”

One of the very few direct Tiny Tim daughters, and we found a jewel.
Tiny Tim lines have been a great asset to the miniature donkey gene pool and we hope to carry on that tradition.
Kitty has been a valued asset to our breeding program for quit a while now and we now have retained 2 full sister daughters from Kitty.
Kitty has produced exceptional foals with our jack Black Hawk and this year we are going to offer Kitty to another breeder bred back to Black Hawk for 2020. If you are looking to add some old rare blood to your herd here is a chance with Kitty.

You can see her foals Black Beauty and Kitty Hawk on our jennet pages.
Price Bred to Black Hawk $2000

Kitty Progeny

 2010 Cyder’s Miss Fancy - Red jennet - Sired by Jimmy Brown : owned by Legendary Farm TN
 2011 Cyder’s Dolly Madison - Black/w cross? jennet - Sired by Mr Madison: Sold WI
 2012 Open
 2013 Cyder’s Jack Foal - Black/very dark Jack - sired by Black Hawk - SOLD gelding GA (NICE)
 2014 Open
 2015 Cyder’s Black Beauty ~ Smoke Black NLP* ~ Jennet ~ sired by Black Hawk - CBF
 2016 Open
 2017 Open
 2018 Cyder’s Kitty Hawk - Dk Brown Jennet -Sired by Black Hawk -Retained CBF

 Fisher’s Tiny Tim (1983)
 30” Brown

 Teddy’s Treasure Kitty
 32.5” Gray-dun (1991)

 Man-O-War of M&M (1976)
 32” Gray-dun

 Connie of M&M  (1971)
 31” Gray-dun  Danby Farm

 New South Swales’ Cato (1987)
 31.5” Dk Gray-dun

 Harris Herd Lollipop (1978)
 33” Gray-dun *nlp

 Kevin, Crosses  gray-dun

 Fischers Julieanna, gray-dun

 Patrick, P  gray-dun

 Julia, J     gray-dun

 Harris Herd Dr. Dandylion, 33” Gray

 Harris Herd Lollipop, 33” gray *nlp

 Mr. Benjamin, M 34.5” Brown

 Rosie’s Girl, R   gray-dun

Short Assets Check Me Out ~ “Checkers”


 Gender: Jack    Date of Birth: 01-29-2009

   Height: 32.25”    Color: Dk Spotted 

We will be using Checkers again in the Spring of 2019. Checkers will then be available to another breeder.
If you are interested in purchasing Checkers for your farm please feel free to contact us.
Purchase Price $2500

 SIRE: Miller’s Spock
  33” Dk Brown Spot

 DAM: JoMaGo Kalamity
  33” Dk Brown

 Hartman Donkeys Pete

 S.S. Shannon
 31.25” Brown/Gray

 M&M High Hopes
 33.5” Dk Brown

 Magic Place Kay
 34.25” Brown

 Rainbow’s Blizzard   Gray-spot 32”

 Hartman Donkeys Repete  Gray 34.5”

 S.S. Sinbad  Dk Brown 29.5”

 S.S. Stacy  Dk Brown 33”

 M&M Dilinger  31” Gray

 M&M Birch  Brown spot 34.5”

 LCR Valintino 58  Dk Brown 31.5”

 EA Seedy  White FSW* 35.5”

Cyder’ s Roman

2018 Bonnie foal w

 Date of Birth: May 7,2018
 Color:  Red

 Gender: Jack (Gelded 8/30/18)
 Height:  BH 2X

 Sire: Sunset Acres Red Sunset
 Grandsire: LCR Valintino 50th
 Granddam: BEA Little Red Julie

 Dam: MGF Anne Bonney
 GrandSire: MGF RJ
 Granddam: MGF Venus Love In Bloom

What a nice stocky gelding, here is a great show prospect!

We do not have another weanling to sell with him for a pasture pal, so if you are interested in this little guy you will have to have a suited pasture pal for him.

FOR SALE: Currently Not For SALE

 Contact us about availability

Transportation Opportunities!!!!
 We know many other miniature breeders who travel to sales or shows who are willing to haul at very reasonable rates. So do not be afraid to inquire because of distance. We can and have gone Nation wide & world wide!

All Inquiries Welcome!

Cyder Bay donkeys have been exported Internationally to New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, The Netherlands, and Canada.

We have sold donkeys coast to coast of coarse in Wisconsin but also Arkansas,
California, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, New York, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Kentucky, Texas, Tennessee, Michigan, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont & Maine.

Our Donkey Prices.
 In our area (Wisconsin) it will cost about $400-600 per year to properly feed, worm, vaccinate, along with hoof care for your donkey.

We put great effort daily in our donkey program over seeing breeding to birth and daily care of all animals year round on the farm.
We feed high quality vitamin/mineral supplements and feed for maximum growth and health from birth and beyond and we are very happy when our donkeys go to homes who will carry on that great care.

Price over view below with some exceptions as needed.    
Quality pet prices starting at $600 & up.
We will sell in pairs with some discount when possible.
Occasionally we have older jennets to retire and they generally make a nice donkey for a back yard pet (in pairs).
The cost of gelding has gone up so we must also charge more for our gelded donkeys. Currently $800-1200 depending on age, training, and quality.

A Breeding quality jennet (female) will vary in price and availability will change often according to our herd needs...
Prices from $1500-$4000

A Breeding jack(male) can range from $2000-$4000

You will find miniature donkeys to be one of the best hobby farm animals you could ever add; donkeys are loving and thrive on personal hugs and attention.

We are always looking for good quality loving homes.

Ethical Breeding

** As a breeder we feel it is important to help educate new donkey owners and we can help you get started on the right foot with proper selection, care, and herd management!

** If you are looking to start your own small breeding herd, we offer consulting and breed selection tips for the type of animal you are looking for. We often can put together nice starter packages of “quality stock” to start a new breeder on a good track that you can continue to build upon!

** We want you to have a donkey that will best fit “your needs” and “your situation”!

** We welcome after purchase questions and enjoy getting updates on all the donkeys we have sold.

** We retain the right to refuse to sell any animal into situations that we feel are not suitable. We will ask you for details on what your are looking for, what use, also about your knowledge on feeding, housing, pasture size, etc.

** We realize that many buyers will not have the means to pick up there new donkeys.
We can deliver and this option can be worked into your package!!! We can also help you find a hauler for long distances or we will haul and meet you or even haul to your door.
We do have a fee for our expenses so the more donkeys that we haul in one load the more economical the shipping will be.

** We only produce a small number of foals each year. This number is determined on what we feel will be easily marketed each year to good homes.
Supplies are limited so talk to us early to be first in line for selection.

Feel Free to contact us:

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