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Cyder’s Black Hawk

BlackHawk2012 FaceBlackHawk2012 revis

Gender: Jack          Date of Birth: 07-13-2009

      Height: 31.7/8”      Color: Black(no cross)

We are proud to introduce Cyder’s Black Hawk, named after his deceased grandfather
KDL Black Hawk.
We have selectively bred him using a solid line of chosen high quality individuals for several generations

 His dam Cyder’s Little Blackie is one of our favorites and a multi champion producer, Dam of Cyder’s Spartacus (dark red) residing in New Zealand and voted best of breed donkey (all sizes) in the country also a multi Grand Champion Show winner & producer of show winners.
Cyder’s Jimmy Brown (his sire) is also a multi-Champion producer, sire of multi Champion & Best of Breed Small Pleasures Zydeco who was shown by Hickory Hills farm TX.
 Half sister Cyder’s Velvet Brown, was a first place winner, and Black Hawk is a half brother to Champion Cyder’s Spartacus, exoprted to New Zealand, Multi Champion how winner and Best of breed of NZ all size donkeys.
Black Hawk is the sire of Cyder’s Mr. Blackberry (Bear) now also 3 time NMDA Champion and 3 time Best of Breed Champion halter winner.

He carries some unique black lines that you do not see often in the breed and we are proud to add some diverse genetics.
He is very pretty headed, has a deep rounded hind quarter with lots of power, nice heavy strong leg bone, wide chest, great neck placement beautifully arched; a very unique jack!
Complete full pedigree with historic ancestry.

Black Hawk will be introduced to jennets in 2012.
These are hawk’s first foals in 2013!
See hawk’s 2014 foals they are super.

BlackHawk2012 097revBlackHawk2012 rev

 Cyder’s Jimmy Brown (2005)
 31.5” Dark Brown/Red

 Cyder’s Little Blackie (1999)
 33.75” Black w/cross

 LN Foxworthy (1995)
 31.25” Dark Red

 Northern Oasis Alexis (2001)
 34.5” Very Dk Brown *nlp

 KDL Black Hawk (1991)
 32” Black w/cross

 KDL Wheezie (1992)
 34.5” Dark Brown

 LN Nicolodean, 32” Brown/gray

 LN Foxy Nicolina, 32” Dark red

 S.S Red Lightening, 32” Red

 Circle C Miss Melissa, 34.4” Black

 River’s Crest Blackberry, 32” Black

 LCR Philamena 84, 31” Brown

 The Fireman, 32.5” Dark red

 Sneezy, gray-dun,  by Raymondo

BlackHawk2012 003
BlackHawk2012 revi

Ma & Pa’s Red Pepper

Red Pepper 3 Red Pepper 4 Red Pepper 1

 Date of Birth:  May 20, 2008
 Color:  Red   

 Gender: Jack
 Height:  33.25” 

 Pepper joined us in 2021 and we had several nice foals born 2022, we them Sold him to a friend to use in his herd. Pepper come back to CyderBay in 2023 now pictured at 15 years young.
We loved the quality of the foals he produced for us in 2022. Pepper is a great jack to have around, good with the jennets, and always at your side for attention. We will be looking forward to more well built quality foals from Pepper.

2022 Foals Cyder’s Red Apollo (red jack)NMDA 3rd place winner out of 18 in the foal class 2023 OK
Cyder’s Pepper Pippi ( Brown spotted jennet)
He gave us 3 show quality stout geldings who have found great homes.
2024 coming soon 3 more Pepper foals out of these jennets, Cyder’s Miss Whinnie, DL Mangile’s Clay Basket,
Feather Ridge Victoria, Dam of Apollo born 2022


 SIRE: Ma & Pa’s Nebraska Red
 29” Dark Red

 DAM: Lake Mutiny Farm Frolic
  32” Brown

 Happytime Acres Pete Za
 30.25” Dark Red

 Even’s Bluff Minitures Fidelis
 30.50” Red Roan

 S.S Indian Ink
 33.5” Black NLP*

 Schrater’s Josephine
 33” Very Dk Brown

 LN Red Sonfire   31.50” Dark Red

 Happytime Acres Pizzaz, 32” gray-dun

 Arbor Ledge Little Red, 31.50” Red

 Bell E Acres Red Jubilee, 32.50” Red

 S,S Sinbad, 29.50” Dark Brown

 S.S Sabrena, 33.75” Dark Brown

 Schrater’s Short Stop, 31.50” Gray-dun

 Schrater’s Julie Brown, 33.50” Dark Brown

TLA Dark Sock Special


 Date of Birth:  May 2, 2008
 Color:  Dark Brown & white Spotted  

 Gender: Jack
 Height:  33”

We are proud to announce the arrival of TLA Dark Socks Special the New jack on the farm.
We are pleased to have the opportunity to breed some of our jennets to this fine jack.
Socks is super straight legged with correct conformation, outstanding gait and movement, and a super sweet loving personality!
Socks has settled 4 of our quality jennets for 2023 below.
Cyder’s Brown Betty, Cyder’s Black Beauty, Cyder’s Jinder Smoke, Cyder’s Marshmallow Fluff.   


 SIRE: Splendor”s Nestle Special          Dark    32.5” Black

 DAM: Splendor’s Sophie
  34” Gray & white Spotted

 My World Santana R-99
 31” Dark Red

 Sunset Acres Martina
 32.25” Dark Brown

 Fisher’s Gidean”s Beau
 31.5” Brown & White Spotted

 Splendor’s Pebbles
 32.75: Gray Dun NLP*

 Rearview Red Rock  32.50” Dark Red

 My World Red Kelly-B-96 32.5” DK Red

 R&D D&H Cinder 33” Black w/cross

 E.N.E Martini 33” Gray Dun

 Fisher’s Tiny Gideon 32” Gray & White

 Fisher’s Venus in Gray 33”  Lt Gray Roan

 Dewey Meadows Romeo Too 31” Black

 Heigham’s Chloe 32” Gray-dun NLP*


If you are interested in purchasing any of our current herd young sires please feel free to contact us for more information.

 Future Herd Sires & Young Jacks

 Brayers Are Us Flares Fireball aka “Whiskey”

Whiskey yearlyWhiskey Y1

 Date of Birth:  June 9, 2022
 Color:  Dark Brown Roan  

 Gender: Jack
 Height:  29” @ 15 months

 We are proud to announce Whiskey as our up and coming junior herd sire. Shown here as a yearling Whiskey is built like a tank alread Special Thankyou to Stephanie Dove owner of Brayers Are Us for allowing us the opportunity to purchase this fine young jack.
Looking forward to great things in the future.   


 SIRE: Brayers Are Us Red Flaire           29.5” Dark Red

 DAM: Brayers Are Us Mystique
       Very Dark Brown

 Bar 3S Red Tator Tot
 30” Red

 Double N Lil Miss Tiny Puff
 29.5” White FSW

 Brayers Are us Desperado
 32.5” Black NLP*

 Brayer’ Are Us Mirage
 32: Dark brown

 My World Red Alert B-95, 31.5” Dark Red

 Heiken’s Ark StarDust, 31” DK Brown

 Double N Texas Awesome, 32/5” Br & White Spot

 NLC Beth, 32” Gray Dun-Roan

 Arrow Creek Jackson, 33.25” Black NLP*

 Brayers Are Us Kalhua, 34” Dark Brown

 Surralt”s Cadilac Jack, 32” Gray-Dun

 Someday’s Abracadabra, 30.75” Brown

Cyder’s Knight Hawk

Knight Hawk 1 Knight Hawk 2

 Date of Birth:  June 20, 2022
 Color:  Very Dark Brown   

 Gender: Jack
 Height:  31” @15 months

 We are proud to announce Cyder’s Knight Hawk son of Cyder’s Black Hawk and out of a Red Sunset daughter. He is just getting started shown as a yearling.
2023 NMDA National Show - Shawnee OK.
2nd Place - Weanling class - 18 donkeys entered


 SIRE: Cyder’s Black Hawk               31.75” Black

 DAM: Cyder’s Ginger
     32” Dark Red

 Cyder’s Jimmy Brown
 30.75” Dark Red Brown

 Cyder’s Little Blackie
 33.75” Black w/cross

 Sunset Acres Red Sunset
 32.50” Dark Red

 Heiken’s Ark Peace M
 32” Dark Brown

 LN Foxworthy  31.25” Dark Red

 Northern Oasis Alexis, 34.5” Very Dark Brown NLP*

 KDL Black Hawk 32” Black w/Cross

 KDL Wheezie, 34.5” Dark Brown

 LCR Valintino 50, 32” Dark Red

 Bell E Acres Little Red Julie, 31.75” Red

 McLendon”s 45 Magnum, 28.75” Very Dark Brown

 Heiken”s Ark Patience 33.75” Dark Red

Cyder”s Red Apollo

Apollo 1 Apollo3 Apollo 2

 Date of Birth:  July 18, 2022
 Color:   Red  

 Gender: Jack
 Height:  31.75” @ 14 months

 We are proud to announce Cyder”s Red Apollo who is a son of Ma & Pa”s Red Pepper.
 Apollo is out of our first 2022 group of Pepper foals. He is very willing to do most any obstacle in his path, he is a natural performer. Such a very smart and willing mind.
2023 NMDA National Show - Shawnee OK.
3rd Place - Weanling class - 18 donkeys entered


 SIRE: Ma & Pa’s Red Pepper
      33.25” Red      

 DAM: Feather Ridge”s Victoria
      32.25” Dark Red

 Ma & Pa;s Nebraska Red
 29” Red

 Lake Mutiny Farm Frolic
 32” Brown

 My World Tyler-R-99
 31.50” Dark Red

 Feather Ridge”s Paprika
 34.50” Dark Red

 Happytime Acres Pete Za, 30.25” Dark Red

 Even”s Bluff Miniatures Fidelis, 30,50” Red Roan

 s.s. Indian Ink, 33.50” Black NLP*

 Schrater”s Josephine, 33” Very DK Brown

 Rearview’s Red Rock, 32.50” Dark Red

 My World Black Cherry-V-96, 32.50” Very DK Brown

 LCR Valintino 75 (Barron) , 34” Dark Red

 Feather Ridges”s Rosita, 32.50” Red


Foxworthymini - Copy

LN Foxworthy
Jimmy Brown
Palomino Star
Mr. Madison
Charming Fox
Primo Pye
Hedrick’s JJ
Black Magic
Red Pepper

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