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Cyder Bay Jennets

Our Farm is the home to an average 12-20 quality producing mature breeding jennets.
Most of our mature jennets have proven themselves in the show ring or they have shown their producing abilities though their foals winning Best of Breed, Best of Show, Champion Halter, and/or performance winnings. 
We focus on consistent proven lines, many times going back as close as we can to the original foundation of the breed as to secure a purer genetic source.
 “Quality” is a term that is often used among breeders and for us it is over all “correct conformation” with the genetic ability to produce selected preferences in breed type.
We seek out and retain only well conformed balanced donkeys for both performance and halter type, we seek personalities that are both loving and easy to train!
In short, our goal is to produce an attractive, balanced, conformationally correct, stocky good moving, usable donkey with a pleasing attitude and a showy presence! 

Our Young Jennets
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 Our Retired & Reference Jennets

Cyder’s TT Kitty


 Date of Birth: 09-24-2005
 Color: Black w/cross    

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  33”

One of the very few direct Tiny Tim daughters, and we found a jewel.
Tiny Tim lines have been a great asset to the miniature donkey gene pool and we hope to carry on that tradition.
A valued asset to our breeding program.
Now offered for sale after foaling.

Kitty Progeny

 2010 Cyder’s Miss Fancy - Red jennet - Sired by Jimmy Brown : owned by Legendary Farm TN
 2011 Cyder’s Dolly Madison - Black/w cross? jennet - Sired by Mr Madison: Sold WI
 2012 Open
 2013 Cyder’s Jack Foal - Black/very dark Jack - sired by Black Hawk - SOLD gelding GA (NICE)
 2014 Open
 2015 Cyder’s Black Beauty ~ Smoke Black NLP* ~ Jennet ~ sired by Black Hawk - CBF
 2016 Open
 2017 Open
 2018 Cyder’s Kitty Hawk - Dk Brown Jennet -Sired by Black Hawk -SOLD NC
 2019 Open
 2020 Open
 2021 Bred to Black Hawk

 Fisher’s Tiny Tim (1983)
 30” Brown

 Teddy’s Treasure Kitty
 32.5” Gray-dun (1991)

 Man-O-War of M&M (1976)
 32” Gray-dun

 Connie of M&M  (1971)
 31” Gray-dun  Danby Farm

 New South Swales’ Cato (1987)
 31.5” Dk Gray-dun

 Harris Herd Lollipop (1978)
 33” Gray-dun *nlp

 Kevin, Crosses  gray-dun

 Fischers Julieanna, gray-dun

 Patrick, P  gray-dun

 Julia, J     gray-dun

 Harris Herd Dr. Dandylion, 33” Gray

 Harris Herd Lollipop, 33” gray *nlp

 Mr. Benjamin, M 34.5” Brown

 Rosie’s Girl, R   gray-dun

MGF Anne Bonney 541

Bonney 2014

 Date of Birth: 07-04-2005
 Color: Gray & white spot 

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  32”

Bonnie was another jennet purchase from the MGF dispersal sale.
Bonnie had caught our eye and being the only Primo bred girl in the sale not having Prime Time in her line was what we were looking for.

The bonus is Bonnie is also a RJ daughter.
We hope to produce some interesting foals from Bonnie.

                           Anne Bonnie Progeny
 2012 Cyder’s Noel -Dark Brown woolly jennet - Sire (unKnown MGF Sire)-SOLD
 2013 Open
 2014 Cyder’s Lambert - Spot “white” jack - Sired by Palomino Star~ SOLD
 2015 Open
 2016 Cyder’s Sophie - BL/Brown jennet - Sired by Black Hawk ~SOLD
 2017 Open
 2018 Cyder’s ? - Red jack - Sired by Sunset - Gelding ~ SOLD
 2019 Cyder’s ? - Lt red Jack - Sired by Sunset - Gelding ~ CBF
 2020 Open
2021 Bred to Legandary’s Magic

 32” Red (2000)

 MGF Venus Love in Bloom
 32” Brown Spotted  (2001)

 Windcrest Cherries Jubilee
 32” Red   (1996)

 MGF Venus of Naxos
 32” Brown   (1992)

 Dewey Meadows Primo
 32” Brown Spotted (1995)

 MGF Venus Nashturium
 33” Brown/gray spot (1993)

 Springlake Razmataz 30.5” Lt Red

 Windcrest Miss Scarlet 31” Dk Red

 LCR Valintino 50, 32” Red

 LCR Philamena 70,32” Brown

 Dewey Meadows Valentino 32.75”sp

 Dewey Meadows Victoria 33” Dk Br

GP Peanut, 32.5” Brown Spot

MGF Venus of Naxos, 32” Brown

Arcadian Michaela


 Date of Birth: 09-29-2007
 Color: Black roan spot 

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  33”

We purchased Mica from the MGF herd dispersal sale and are excited to have her.
She is a real sweet girl.
Her daughter who also sold at the sale was in the top sellers bringing $6100.

                           Michaela Progeny
 2010 MGF Jennet-spotted wooly 29” - sire: MGF Absolute - Sold $6100 The Elms Farm
 2013 Cyder’s Fuzzy - spotted wolly jack - sire MGF Absolute - Sold/Gelding
 2014 Open
 2015 Cyder’s Archie - Spotted jack Foal - Sired by Jimmy Brown - SOLD/Gelding
 2016 Open
 2017 Cyder’s Roanie ~ Black roan jennet ~ Black hawk - Retained CBF
 2018 Open
 2019 Cyder’s Mikie - Black Jack - sired by Black Hawk - Sold gelding
 2020 Breeding to Black Hawk

 Dewey Meadows Valentino
 32.75” DK Brown Spot (1990)

 Arcadian Molly
 32.25” Gray  (1996)

 Dewey Meadows Guido
 33” Black nlp*  (1987)

 Dewey meadows Calico
 33” Brown/gray spot (1986)

 Hartman Donkeys Accident
 31.75” Gray (1991)

 Arcadian Whispering Willow
 Dark Brown (1993

 CF Charlie My Boy, 32” Brown

 Dewey Meadows Angie,34.75” gray

 Super Sweet, spotted

 Ding Ling, 34” gray

 Rainbow’s Blizzard, 32” gray spot,

 Hartman Donkeys Lass 31, 32.5”gray



Cyder’s French Silk MGF871

Frenchie 2014

 Date of Birth: 08-09-2008
 Color: Dark Brown & White Spot

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  34.5” on 8-05-2010

Frenchie was purchased from MGF as a yearling, she is a beautiful dark spotted wooly girl.
We like her pedigree as well and it will be fun to see what she will produce.

                          French Silk Progeny
 2012 Cyder’s Parlay - Spotted jack Foal - Sired by Mackintosh - SOLD MI/gelding
 2013 Open
 2014 Cyder’s Calico Jack - tri-color spotted jack - Sired by Palomino - SOLD - WI/gelding
 2015 Open
 2016 Cyder’s Rue - DK Brown jack - Sired by Red Sunset -Gelding Sold/WI
 2017 Open
 2018 Cyder’s Spotted Boy - Dk spotted jack - Sired By Black Hawk - Gelding/Sold WI
 2019 Open
 2020 Breeding to Legandary’s Magic

 MGF Doctor Shivago 500
 32.5” Dk Brown spot

 MGF Venus Petit Mena 728
 32” Brown     (1997)

 Arrow Creek Harry Houdini
 34” Black

 MGF Venus la Rimsky-Korsakov
 33” Brown & white spot

 MGF Peabody (1994)
 33” Gray & white Spot

 LCR Philamena 69 (1983)
 32” Lt Gray-dun

 Arrow Creek Hudini 30” Bl/Br

 L&G Farm Miss Corinda 34” Br/gr

 Circle C Black Russian 31” Black*nlp

 MGF Venus La Syphide 28

 GP Peanut 32.5” Brown spot

 Boone’s Little patches 35” Black spot

 LCR Valintino 14   29” Brown

 LCR Philamena 36  34.5” Gray

Cyder’s Brown Betty MGF826

Brown Betty

 Date of Birth: 07-27-2008
 Color: Very dark Brown 

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  33”

Here is Betty another MGF “wooly” jennet now pictured Aug 2014 all grown up.
But she has matured into a nice stocky well built jennet She is a favorite.

                         Brown Betty Progeny
 2012 Cyder’s Justin Morgan - Dark Brown Jack Foal - Sired by Palomino Star
 2013 Open
 2014 Cyder’s Kanga - black/brown jennet - Sired by Primo Pye
 2015 Cyder’s Ninja ~ Dk/BR or BL jack ~ Sired by Black Hawk
 2016 Open
 2017 Cyder’s Miss Brownie - Dk Brown Jennet - Sired by Black Hawk- CBF
 2018 Cyder’s Harry - Black jack - sired by Checkers
 2019 Open
 2020 Cyder’s Brandy Wine - DK russet Brown Jennet -Sired by Red Sunset
 2021 Bred to QM Ticker Tape

 MGF Doctor Shivago 500
 32.5” Dk Brown spot

 MGF Whispering Rose 458
 Brown & White spot

 Arrow Creek Harry Houdini
 34” Black

 MGF Venus la Rimsky-Korsakov
 33” Brown & white spot

 MGF Stoli Too
 31” Black & White spot

APA Tequilla Rose
33” Brown

 Arrow Creek Hudini 30” Bl/Br

 L&G Farm Miss Corinda 34” Br/gr

 Circle C Black Russian 31” Black*nlp

 MGF Venus La Syphide 28

 MGF Peabody 33” gray & white spot

 MGF Venus Pon Farr 502 31.5” Dk Br

 APA Number Seven 32” Dk Brown

 APA Cactus   Dk Brown

Rearview Red Glory

Red Glory Dec 2018

 Date of Birth: 07-04-2009
 Color:  Red 

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  33.25”

A nice addition to our jennet group.

                            Glory Progeny
 2019 Cyder’s Diamond Rose - Red Jennet - Big River Red Racer
 2020 Breeding to Legindary’s Magic

 Rearview’s Red Beau
 32” Dark red 

 Rearview’s Poppy
 32.5” Lt Red

 LCR Valintino 50th
 32” Dk Red

 MGF Venus Geordie 68
 33” Dk Brown

 Hedrick”s JJ
 32” Lt Red

 Rearview Blossom
 34” Red

 LCR Diamond, Gray-dun

 LCR Philamena 31, Gray-dun

 LCR Valintino 50th, 32” Dk Red

 LCR Philamina 70, Dk Brown

 Hedrick”s Dapper #2 Lt Red

 Hedrick”s Jennet, Brown

 Roho, Miniature N. Reg. Gray-dun

Nacho, Miniature N. Reg, Gray

Feather Ridge Victoria

Victoria full

 Date of Birth: 08-01-2009
 Color:  Red 

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  32.25”

 Victoria shown here in foal. A nice addition to our jennet group.

                            Victoria Progeny
 2016 Cyder’s Elizabeth ~ Red jennet ~ Sired by MGF Nitro SOLD CA.
 2017 Open
 2018 Cyder’s ? - Dark Red jack - Sired by Black Hawk -Gelding Sold
 2019 open
 2020 Cyder’s Last Chance ~ Graydun gelding ~ sired by SA Check Me Out
 2021 Bred to QM Ticker Tape

 My World Tyler
 31.5” Dark red 

 Feather Ridge’s Paprika
 34.5” Red

 Rearview’s Red Rock
 32.5” Dk Red

 My World Black Cherry
 32.5” Dk Brown

 LCR Valintino 75 (Red Barron)

 Feather Ridge’s Rosita
 32.5” Red

 Rearview”s Red Beau 32” Dk Red

 Rearview’s Pride and Joy 31” Lt Red

 My World Vincent 32.5” Lt Red

 My World Heidi 31.5” Dk Brown

 LCR Valintino 49 33.75” Dk Red

 LCR Philamena 79 33.75” Dk Red

 Feather Ridge’s Pepee 33” Lt Red

 Feather Ridge’s Sophie 32.5” Gray

Cyder’ s Marshmallow Fluff

Marshmelow Fluff 2018

 Date of Birth: June 6, 2014
 Color:  Gray & white spotted   

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  32.50”  current

                               Fluff Progeny
2020 Cyder’s ? -Jennet Foal, sired by Red Sunset
 2021 Bred to Red Sunset


 SIRE: Cyder’s Black Hawk
      Black 31.75”

 DAM: MGF Venus Candy     Kess, Spotted 31.5”    

 Cyder’s Jimmy Brown
 Dk Re/brown 30.75”

 Cyder’s Little Blackie
 Black, 33.75”

 Dewey Meadows Primo
 Brown Spotted, 32”

 MGF Venus Kes
 Gray-dun 32”

 LN Foxworthy, Dk Red 31.25:

 Northern Oasis Alexis, DK Brown NLP

 KDL Black Hawk, Black 32”

 KDL Wheezie, DK Brown 43.5”

 DM Valentino, DK spotted 32.75”

 DM Victoria, Dk Brown 33”

 758”s Rosebud, Red 32”



Cyder’ s Black Beauty

Black Beauty 2018

 Date of Birth: May 17, 2015
 Color:  Very Dark Brown w/cross  nlp*  

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  33” 

                             Beauty’s Progeny
2019 Cyder’s - Dk Red jack - sired by Red Sunset - gelded SOLD
 2020 Open
 2021 Bred to QM Ticker Tape

 SIRE Cyder’s Black Hawk
      Black 31.75”

 DAM: Cyder’s TT Kitty
     DK Brown/BL. 33”

 Cyder’s Jimmy Brown
 DK Red 30.75”

 Cyder’s Little Blackie
 Black, 33.75”

 Fisher’s Tiny Tim
 Brown, 30”

 Teddy’s Treasure Kitty
 Gray-dun 32.5”

 LN Foxworthy, DK Red 31.25”

 Northern Oasis Alexis, DK-NLP

 KDL Black Hawk, Black 32”

 KDL Wheezy, Dk Brown 34.5”

 Man-O-War of M&M, Gray-dun 32”

 Connie of M&M, Gray-dun 31.5”

 New South Swales Cato, 31.5”

 Harris herd Lollipop, Gray-NLP 33”

Cyder’ s Ginger

Ginger 3yr 2018

 Date of Birth: May 20, 2015
 Color:  DK Red  

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  33”

                            Ginger’s Progeny
 2019 Cyder’s Check Mate - Black jack - sired by SA Checker Me Out- SOLD MI
 2020 Open
 2021 Open

 Sunset Acres Red Sunset
 32.5” Dark red (1996)

 DAM: Heiken’s Ark Peace M
     DK Brown 32”

 LCR Valintino 50 (1982)
 32” Dark red

 Bell E Acres Little Red Julie
 31.75” Red

 McLendon”s Magnum
 Br/BL 28.75”

 Heiken’s Ark Patience
 Dk Red 33.75”

 LCR Diamond, gray-dun

 LCR Philamena 31, gray-dun

 Lazy N Nehemiah, 32” Brown

 Bell E Acres Jennie Sam, 32.5” Red

 McLendon’s Rad Reniker, Gray 33”

 Mclendon’s Shining White Pearl, 29.5”

 MM Red Hot Ass, Red 33”

 LCR Philamina, Brown 31”

Cyder’ s Gracie Gray

Gracie gray 3yr

 Date of Birth: July 15, 2015
 Color:   DK Gray dun  

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  34.5”

                             Gracie’s Progeny
2019 Cyder’s Grayson - Gray jack - Sired by SA Checker Me Out - Sold gelding
 2020 OPEN
 2021 OPEN

 SIRE: Cyder’s Palomino Star
 LT Red /star 33”

 DAM: KC Cinder Smoke
      Black, 35.25”

 Hedrick’s JJ
 Lt Red 32”

 MGF Venus Bellana 49
 Red 34”

 Sunset Acres Tuffy
 Brown 33.25”

 KC’s Black Smokie
 Black w/cross 35”

 Hedrick’s Dapper #2,  Lt Red  30”

 Hedrick’s Jennet.  Brown  32”

 The Fireman, Red 32.5”

 Boon’s Little Rose Mariem Red* 32”

 LCR Valintino 50th, Red 32”

 Sunset Acres Sadie, Brown 32”

 NCL Carlos, Gray-dun 32”

 NCL Black Diamond, Black 32.5”

Cyder’ s Peachy Keen

2019 Peachy Keen

 Date of Birth: August 2, 2015
 Color:  Light Red  

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  32.5” (2018)

                             Peachy Progeny
2019 Cyder’s Nightingale - dark brown jennet - sired by Black Hawk
 2020 Open
 2021 Bred to QM Ticker Tape

 Cyder’s Palomino Star
 Lt Red/ star 33”

 DAM: Cyder’s Tanguary
     Dk Red 33.75”

 Hedrick’s JJ
 Lt Red 32”

 MGF Venus Bellana 49
 Red 34”

 Sunset Acres Red Sunset
 DK Red 32.5”

 LN Brandy
 Red *Roan

 Hedrick’s Dapper, Lt Red 32”

 Hedrick’s Jennet, Brown 32”

 The Fireman, Red 32.5”

 Boone’s Little Rose Marie, Red 32”

 LCR Valintino 50th, Red 32”

 BEA Little Red Julie, Red 31.75”

 Milton of M&M, Gray-dun 34”

 Strawberry Shortcake, Red * 35.75”

Cyder’ s Black Roanie

Roanie 2 year 2019

 Date of Birth: May, 19, 2017
 Color:  Black roan, no cross

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  31.75” current 2 years


We are excited to see Roanie’s first foal this Spring!

                                   Roanie Progeny
 2021 Foal due by Legendary’s Black Magic

 Cyder’s Black Hawk
 31.75” Black


 Arcadian Michaela
 33” Black Roan Spot

 Cyder’s Jimmy Brown , 30.75”
 Dark brown Russet

 Cyder’s Little Blackie, 33.75”
 Black w/cross

 Dewey Meadows Valentino, 32.3/4”
 Dk brown spot (1990)

 Arcadian Molly , 32.25”

 LN Foxworthy, 31.25” Dk Red

 Northern Oasis Alexis, 34.5” Dk Brown NLP

 KDL Black Hawk, 32” Black w/cross

 KDL Wheezie, 34.50” Dk Borwn

  Dewey Meadows Guido, 33”, Black NLP

 Dewey Meadows Calico, 33”, Spot

  Hartman Donkeys Accident, 31.75” Gray

 Arcadian Whispering Willow, Dk Brown

DL Mangile’s Jackie-O

Jackio 2020 2

 Date of Birth: August 31, 2017
 Color:  Brown 

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  32.5” Aug 2019



Short Assets Starfire

Jackie-O is a half sister to the multi-Champion jack
“Short Assets Starfire” owned by Frontier Legends Farm in TX.

Short Assets Starfire ~ Show Record
2004-2009 over a dozen Grand Champion & Reserve Champion Titles!
2007 ADMS National Champion Sire
2006 NMDA National Reserve Champion Jack

 My World Cheyenne B97
 31.50” Dk Red

 758’s Allegra
 32.75” Brown NLP

 My World Buster, 30.25” Dk Red

 Rearview’s Pansy, 34.25” Lt Red

 758”s Francisco, 32”, Dk brown/gray

 758”s Sarah’s Girl, 32.50”
 Dk Brown NLP

 My World Mork, DK gray NLP

 My World Mindy, Dk Brown

 Rearview’s Rusty, Lt Red

 Rearview’s Blossom, Red

 758”s Rosebud, Red

 758’s Chocolate Rose, Dk Brown

 LN Star Spangled Banner, Dk Red

 Boone’s Little Delight, Brown & white

DL Mangile’s Lil Washita

Wasita Aug 2019 c

 Date of Birth: Nov 9, 2017
 Color:  Gray & White spot

 Gender: Jennet
 Height:  32” Aug 2019

 We will be breeding Washita this year.



Li’l Angels Jigsaw
 31.50” Dk Brown spot

 OTT’s Pretty in Pink
 34” Lt Red

 Li”l Angels Indiana Jones
 30.75”, Dk Brown spot

 Bumpus Farms Magic Maggie
 32.25” Dk Brown, NLP

 Merry-Go-Round’s Jiminy Cricket
 29” Lt Red

 Feather Ridge’s Isis
 32.50” Gray & white spot

 Itsy Bitsy Burro Co 1/2 Teaspoon, Dk BR

 Parkside Toffee Chips, Dk Brown & white

 S.S. Sunset, Dk Red

 Bumpus Farms Lil Cassie, Dk Brown

 LCR Valintino 75, Dk Red

 Merry-Go-Round’s Grace, Gray

 EA Judge Rader, Brown/gray spot

 Feather Ridge’s Fanny Mae, Lt Red

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