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Both, David & Robin have been raised on farms and have practical animal husbandry knowledge, and Robin has a formal degree in Equine Management. 
Our farm started in 1985 with Robin’s love for horses, we selected a Morgan mare to produce future show horses and we achieved a high standard fast with our first foal winning the Reserve World Champion title at age 3 years.
Another CBF foal was a World Champion in multiple professional, amateur, and youth divisions. We had a very small horse breeding operation with a great success rate, which I accredit to the extensive study that went into every breeding and in the horse world there is a great amount of history you can study along with use of AI (artificial insemination).
Our goal was to breed and sell the best which we did.
As our kids were growing up we wanted to get involved in a breed that would be “kid” friendly and while attending a horse fair we accidentally discovered the miniature donkey. 
We were immediately impressed by their wonderful personality and cuteness.

Daisy and Malachi Hannah and malachi

In 1995 we began a new adventure raising quality miniature donkeys. We started with careful research into the history of the breed and began our search to select our first donkeys. Research is always on going as we seek out new lines to maintain diversity within our herd.
With years of experience in the field of breeding and management practices of Equines in general CBF is dedicated to producing healthy quality animals with pleasing eye appeal, correct conformation, and workable personalities all within the realm of preserving the true Mediterranean/Sardinian heritage within the American Miniature donkey breed.
Our donkeys have started foundation herds across the USA along as in many other countries, and we are proud of our donkeys who are winning national honors at shows here in the US and across the world. We pride ourselves on producing quality donkeys for your back yard & and the show ring.


Above is a group of yearling jennets with two mature jennets to the far right!
Our goal is to produce a quality animal first, and although color and size are always secondary in our thoughts we have achieved a variety of sizes and lots of interesting colors to choose from.
Maintaining a healthy safe spacious environment is also a priority, along with feeding our animals properly. We feel that maintaining proper vitamin/mineral supplements along with grain (when needed) and quality hay types, as well as fresh water daily, vaccinations, rotational worming, and gelding is all part of owning animals and being a responsible owner.
Individual care like that of proper hoof trimming, grooming, and training helps our donkeys become well mannered and well adjusted individuals.
If you are in our area and interested in Miniature Donkeys for pets or a possible “Fun” new business adventure. Feel free to call for an appointment to visit our farm operation first hand and best of all meet some wonderful donkeys! 

~ Hee Haw ~
We’re sure to have the perfect donkey for you! 
Thanks for stopping in!
Visitors Welcome by Appointment!

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