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LN Foxworthy

Foxworthy7Foxworthy6 - Copy

 Gender: Jack   Date of Birth: 06-28-1996

    Height: 31.25”     Color: Dark red

Foxworthy, proven sire of many wonderful foals here at CBF.
Foxworthy now residing in The Netherlands.

Foxworthy’s prominent sons
Cyder’s Jimmy Brown, Cyder’s Charming Fox
 Cyder’s Spartacus(New Zealand) Cyder’s Dapper Dan, , Cyder’s Mr. Madison,
Cyder’s Jackson(deasesed 2014)

Foxworthy daughters
Cyder’s Black Pearl, Cyder’s Scarlet Bella, and Cyder’s Dima-Dott Fox, and Cyder’s Jillian, Cyder’s Red Velvet to name a few.


 LN Nicolodeon  (1992)
 32” Brown/Gray

LN Foxy Nicolilna (1992)
 32” Dark Red

 LN Nicodemus
 34.5” Brown (Champion)

 LN Notch 32.5” Brown/Gray

 LN Nicodemus
 34.5” Brown (Champion)

 LN Nolina Jo 32” DK Brown

 LCR Valintino 22,  Dark Brown

 LCR Carlotta Lena,  Brown

 Butch, B 4059,  Gray-dun

 Jennie Sam of Bell E Acres 5008, Red

 LCR Valintino 22,  Dark Brown

 LCR Carlotta Lena,  Brown

 No Jo-Jo ll, NA-2988, Gray-dun

 Lazy N Nolita, Dark Brown

Cyder’s Jimmy Brown

Jimmy Brown  Jan 1 2015

 Gender: Jack    Date of Birth: 05-16-2005

     Height: 31.5”     Color: Russet/Brown


Jimmy Brown, shown (above) January 1, 2015
24 degrees and -0 wind chills, but Jimmy loves all the attention he can get. Shown in a full winter coat, wish I had one too!!!

Jimmy is a producer consistent in quality and type. He produces deep color, dark shades of reds, true blacks, nlp and light points; he is the perfect “all in one” jack.

Sire of Grand Champion & Best of Breed ~ Small Pleasures Zydeco ~ owned and shown by Hickory Hills, TX
Sire of Champion ~ Cyder’s Velvet Brown ~ owned and shown by Debby Miller, KS.

Half brother to multi Champion Cyder’s Spartacus residing in New Zealand.
The list of Champions and quality goes on and on through his genetic lines.

We are extremely please with what Jimmy has produced for us and we will be retaining many of his offspring to carry on his genetics.
 Call or contact us for more information on our Jimmy offspring!


 LN Foxworthy (1996)
 31.25” Dark Red(russet)

 Northern Oasis Alexis (2001)
 34.5” BL/Dk Brown *NLP


 LN Nicolodeon (1992)
 32” Brown/gray-dun

 LN Foxy Nicolina (1992)
 32” Dark Red (russet)

 S.S Red Lightening (1988)
 32” Red

 Miss Melissa of Circle C (1997)
 31.25” Brown

 LN Nicodemus (1988) 34.5” Brown

 Lazy N Notch (1979) 32.5” Br/gray

 LN Nicodemus (1988) 34.5” Brown

 LN Nolina Jo (1988) 32” DK Brown

 S.S Sampson 32.7/8” Dk Brown

 S.S Sara 31.5” Dk Brown

 Circle C Little Motown 35 1/8” Black

 Circle C Melissa 32.25” Brown

Cyder’s Palomino Star


 Gender: Jack     Date of Birth: 04-09-2008

   Height: 33”    Color: Lt Red w/star

Palomino Star, is a very unique striking well built jack, with gorgeous looks and presence.
Personality is curious, sweet, and willing, and he is light and responsive.
We think he could be very interesting to show or drive as well as kind of a “do all” type donkey.
New ~ pictures (above) are showing him as a 3 year old jack.

Genetically, Palomino is very rare being the last known direct Hedrick’s JJ son available breeding and not to mention out of our treasured Bellana who is a Fireman daughter. The Hedrick’s JJ line has been a great influence to the breed and it is nice to see that there is still some access to those genetics available through our Palomino.
Many high caliber donkeys have contained Hedrick’s JJ in the lineage and we fine the JJ line to be a contributor to nice balanced body length, nice neck attachment and a showy look.
So far to date Palomino foals are all very nicely conformed with abundant personality.

Our first Palomino foal can be seen on our 2011 foals page a nice 20” black jennet.
His first foal was born..See her on our 2011 Foals (Cyder’s Black Jane)

See his..2012 foal born Justin Morgan Palomino’s second foal.

See his 2013 foals born Here.
2014 foals
2015 foals

We are sorry to report that we gelded palomino May 1, 2015 due to space limitations on the farm, but on a happy note he found a home with a great family.


 Hedrick’s JJ (1987)
 32” Lt Red

 MGF Venus Bellana 49 (1994)
 34” Red

 Hedrick’s Dapper#2
 30” Lt Sorrel

 Hedrick’s Jennet
 32” Brown

 The Fireman (1989)
 32.5” Dark Red

 Boone’s Little Rose Marie
 32” Lt Red *roan

 DMF Mighty Moe, 29” gray-dun




 DMF Junior, 33” Rose Dun

 Grumpy, Brown/gray-dun

 Pedro from Missouri, 32.75” Red/roan

 Boone’s Little Rosie, 33.5” Dark red

Cyder’s Charming Fox


 Gender: Jack    Date of Birth: 05-16-2006

    Height: 33.25”   Color: Dark Red

Charming is a super built athletic jack with a great willing personality born here at CBF ~ we decided that his quality out weighed the fact he matured to 33”, therefore we retained him as a herd sire!
He produced his first foals in (2010) and several 2011 foals, and we will have a few again in 2012.
Charming was sold to a new breeding home in July, 2011.

 LN Foxworthy (1996)
 31.25” Dark Red(russet)

 MGF Venus Bellana (1994)
 34” Red


 LN Nicolodeon (1992)
 32” Brown/gray-dun

 LN Foxy Nicolina (1992)
 32” Dark Red (russet)

 The Fireman (1989)
 32.5” Dk Red

 Boone’s Little Marie (1984)
 32” Lt Red roan

 LN Nicodemus (1988) 34.5” Brown

 Lazy N Notch (1979) 32.5” Br/gray

 LN Nicodemus (1988) 34.5” Brown

 LN Nolina Jo (1988) 32” DK Brown

 DMF Junior 33” Rose-dun

 Grumpy Brown/gray dun

 Pedro form Missouri 32.75” Red roan

 Boone’s Little Rosie 33.5” Red roan

Cyder’s Mackintosh


 Gender: Jack     Date of Birth: 05-07-2009 

     Height: 31”     Color:  Brown 


Here is an interesting boy, a son of high selling HA Hercules (27”spotted). Mack has interesting genetics and we decided to use Mack with some of our jennets for 2012 & 2013 foals.
He has the 45 Magnum/50th influence with a pretty look. Mack is very athletic and moves out like a warmblood horse, which is rare to see such fluid movement in the smaller donkeys.

NEW ~ Pictures above show Mack as a two year old.
Mack produced 6 foals in 2012
2 Dk Brown (1 jack & 1 jennet)
2 spotted jacks
2 spotted jennet
2013 foal - Cyder’s Jonathan out of Scarlet Bella


 HA Hercules P. (2006)
 27” Brown & white spot

 Heiken’s Ark Peace M
 Dark Brown/Black 

 Heiken’s Ark Pink Panther
 28” Lt Red

 Heiken’s Ark Hope
 30.5” Dk Brown spotted

 McLendon’s 45 Magnum (1998)
 28.75” Dk Brown

 Heiken’s Ark Patience
 33.75” Dark Red

 Carousel LL Inspector Clouseau,27.75

 Carousel LL Melita, 30” Brown

 HA Top Gun, 29” Dark Brown

 GP Hilda Jean, 32.5” Gray spot

 McLendon’s Rad Reniker, 33” Dk Gray

 McLendon’s Shining White Pearl 29.5”

 MissionMontana Red Hot Ass, 33”Red

 LCR Philamina 84, 31” Brown

Cyder’s Mr. Madison


 Gender: Jack    Date of Birth: 06-05-2005

     Height: 32.25”    Color: Red


Madison is a superb son of Foxworthy and was sold as a younger jack. He produced a small number of CBF foals.
Herd sire in Tenn, Legendary farm.


Show Record


 MMDBA ~ State Show, Ozark Empire Fair
 2008 Mature Jacks to Halter ~ 1st Place
2008 Reserve Grand Champion Halter

Missouri State Fair
2008 Jacks 3 & up ~ 1st Place
 2008 Reserve Grand Champion Halter

 LN Foxworthy (1996)
 31.25” Dark Red(russet)

 Circle C Miss America (2001)
 32.75” Lt Red

 LN Nicolodeon (1992)
 32” Brown/gray-dun

 LN Foxy Nicolina (1992)
 32” Dark Red (russet)

 S.S Red Lightening (1988)
 32” Red

 Circle C Miss Houston (1989)
 31.75” Lt Red

 LN Nicodemus (1988) 34.5” Brown

 Lazy N Notch (1979) 32.5” Br/gray

 LN Nicodemus (1988) 34.5” Brown

 LN Nolina Jo (1988) 32” DK Brown

 S.S Sampson 32.7/8” Dk Brown

 S.S Sara 31.5” Dk Brown

 Hedrick’s Dapper #2 (Lt Red 30”)

 Hedrick’s #14 31.5”

 Cyder’s MGF Primo Pye

Primo Pye Oct 2013 033
Primo Pye trot Oct 2013 013

 Gender: Jack           Date of Birth: 04-25-2009 

        Height: 32”        Color:  Brown spotted 


Our little Spotty is easy to work with, and very friendly. Nicely developed jack with a great pedigree.
Bred to jennets for 2014 foaling. We have sold Spotty due to space limitations at our farm.
We are looking forward to his foals.

 MGF Prime Time
 30.5” Black & white spot

 MGF Venus Burning Bright
 33” Red

 DMF Primo
 Dk Brown spot 32”

 MGF Venus Dark Damsel
 31.25” Brown

 The Fireman, 32” red

 MGF Venus Bright Rose
 32” Red

 DM Valentino,  Brown spot 32.75”

 DM Victoria,  33” Very DK Brown

 DCM Jack of Spades,  Black nlp 31.5”

 MGF Venus Daphnia,   Brown 31”

 DMF Junior,   30” Gray Roan

 Danby Farm jennet 34” Brown

 LCR Valintino 50,  32” Dk Red

 Boone’s Little Rose Marie, 32” rose

Hedrick’s JJ  A-5846


 Gender: Jack     Date of Birth: 00-00-1987

         Height:  32”    Color: Lt Red


 We leased JJ for breeding at the rip old age of 20 years, and he sired 5 foals for CBF, which were born in 2008.
JJ went back to his owner and pass over the winter of 2009/2010.
CBF retained a daughter ~ Cyder’s Star Dust
and a son ~ Cyder’s Palomino Star
We are hoping to keep JJ’s genetic attributes alive with in the breed for future generations.

 Hedrick’s Dapper #2
 30” Lt Sorrel

 Hedrick’s Jennet
 32” Brown

 DMF Mighty Moe 8621
 29” Gray-dun   DOB-1983












Short Assets Check Me Out ~ “Checkers”


 Gender: Jack    Date of Birth: 01-29-2009

   Height: 32.25”    Color: Dk Spotted 

Just arrived (Sept) all the way from California, Checkers our new herd sire.
We are excited to see how he crosses with some of our jennets.
Sold 2019

 SIRE: Miller’s Spock
  33” Dk Brown Spot

 DAM: JoMaGo Kalamity
  33” Dk Brown

 Hartman Donkeys Pete

 S.S. Shannon
 31.25” Brown/Gray

 M&M High Hopes
 33.5” Dk Brown

 Magic Place Kay
 34.25” Brown

 Rainbow’s Blizzard   Gray-spot 32”

 Hartman Donkeys Repete  Gray 34.5”

 S.S. Sinbad  Dk Brown 29.5”

 S.S. Stacy  Dk Brown 33”

 M&M Dilinger  31” Gray

 M&M Birch  Brown spot 34.5”

 LCR Valintino 58  Dk Brown 31.5”

 EA Seedy  White FSW* 35.5”

Legendary’s Black Magic

Black Magic

 Date of Birth:  May 1, 2017
 Color:  Black w/cross NLP*   

 Gender: Jack
 Height:  31.5”  current

 Sire: Sunset Acres Smart Derby
 Grandsire: Rhone’s Little Brown Satchel
 Granddam: R&D D&H Molly

 Dam: Lil Angels Bethany
 GrandSire: Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. Red October
 Granddam: CSF Lynette

 Current August 2019 photo. He measures 31.5” .
Magic is a “new” addition to our herd sires. We look forward to his future.

 SOLD 2021

Cyder’ s Mr. BlackBerry

CandyMan Yearling

 Date of Birth: July 21,2018
 Color:  Black

 Gender: Jack
 Height:  29” at a year current 30.25” 3 years

 Sire: Cyder’s Black Hawk
 Grandsire: Cyder’s Jimmy Brown
 Granddam: Cyder’s Little Blackie

 Dam: MGF Venus Candy Tess
 GrandSire: DM Primo
 Granddam: MGF Venus Kess

 Breeding Jack. This is a yearling photo of this nice boy. Updated pictures will be coming
Has settled jennets this year
 SOLD 2021

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