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2012 Donkeys SOLD

2012AmazonYEARLING 015

Red Amazon - To be gelded

Congratulations ~ Gwenn Mainville ~ Vulcan MI


Pygmy Acres Diamiss & LN Raspberry Red ~ Retiring Brood Jennets

Congratulations ~ Merlin & Sherry, WI

Agobi2007 Brandy2010

LN Agobi (top) & LN Brandy ~ Retiring Brood Jennets

Congratulations ~ Merlin & Sherry, WI


Cyder’s Mackintosh

Congratulations ~Joey & Sara Hortonville WI

Tangerine Yr033LassYR1

Cyder’s TangaToo & Cyder’s Midnight Lass

Congratulations ~ The Born Family, IL

Dolly Mad & Cherry Zing 2012

Cyder’s Cherry Zing and Cyder’s Dolly Madison

Congratulations ~ Michael & Margaret Norman, Two Rivers, WI

Caption Jack 2 mo

Cyder’s Captain Jack

Congratulations ~ Missouri

Parlay 3mo Laddy 3moB

Cyder’s Parlay & Laddy

Congratulations ~ Charlene Moon, Michigan

Jinder 2011

Cyder’s Polka Pony & Cyder’s Smoky Jinder

Congratulations ~ Darla Jackson, OH

Tuffy 3.5mo Charmer 3moA Morgan 2mo A

Cyder’s Tuffy & Cyder’s Charmer & Cyder’s Justin Morgan

Congratulations ~ Kathy Cavanaugh, De Graff, MN

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